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Real Football Maneger 2016


********Game DescriptionReal Football Soccer Maneger 2016 is a very fun live sports football game, the world football stars are your teammates. In this game, you will participate in the World Championships, World Cup, the challenge teams from dozens of football clubs around the world. Under the leadership of professional football managers, on the court Fench catch, came and went without a trace, come try it! It is a very creative soccer sports games. Its very challenging your reaction force and speed, but also with the ability to test between you and your teammates. Suppose you yourself are number one, with superb passing and penalty techniques, you will challenge the worlds leading teams, eventually claim the championship title.********Game Features1. real physical scenes and smooth game screen, penalty, pass, porters.2. Support a variety of game play, you can choose your favorite team.3. It includes the group stage, qualifying game, the knockout round, one of the four sub-finals, finals.********How to play1. Click the Start button to select the right team.2. Slide the screen to football to his teammates.3. At the appropriate time, put the ball into the opponents goal.